Well after only a few posts I regret to say I have become negligent in keeping up the writing on the blog. Being disciplined is not one if my strong suits. But with the new year comes a new goal, to be more consistent with writing. We’ll see how it goes.

This hiatus of mine was partly to blame on the business of the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving.

This was our first Thanksgiving ever, here in America (Thanksgiving is not an Australian holiday). Can I just say what a fantastic, God honouring holiday Thanksgiving is. To think that an entire nation sets aside one day to share a meal with family and loved ones, and to take stock of the things in their life that they are thankful for. How easy it is to go on with the hum drum of day to day life and never take a minute to stop and consider the great many blessings that we have been granted in our life. But here is a day called “Thanksgiving” to do just that. Brilliant!

We were privileged to be invited to share this meal with a work colleague and his family and friends. Before the meal began each person in turn shared the things they were thankful for: Family, Pets, Health, Successes at school, Children that loved Jesus, Gods continued guidance and direction through the year – just to name a few.

Wow! A day set aside to share with and encourage one another with the things we are thankful for. It makes you realise how much there is to be thankful for.

I have, since that day, continued to reflect on Gods goodness in our lives. How he has brought us here to a new country and has enabled us to love it immediately. He has given us a family in the wonderful church we attend and in dear husbands work community. I am so thankful that the people who we fellowship and work with were prepared to love us before we’d even arrived to their shores. I am thankful that all our physical needs were immediately met as soon as we arrived. We have been given so much and deserve so little.

My prayer is that I would continue to reflect on Gods blessings not only on “Thanksgiving,” but everyday.

What are you thankful for?