This space is reserved for reviews my children write about books they like.

A-Age-12 is a voracious reader and freakishly fast. I cannot possibly keep up with what she is reading so I rely heavily on review sites. I have a number of aspects that I like to know about a book before I’ll let her read it. My daughter knows this. As a result, my daughter will have long discussions with me about books that I’ve let her read, describing in great detail the plot as well as the aspects that she knows I will want to know about. Sometimes these discussions demonstrate great insight from my daughter.   But for all her wide reading, she hates to write. As a secret ploy by me to engage her in more writing, I encouraged her to write a review of the books that she likes with the promise that if she wrote them I would put them on the blog. So here is her space. It is an encouragement but not a requirement, so I have no idea how many she will write. My hope is that they will also be an aid to other parents who care what their children are reading.


1. Is it well written? The language must talk up to the child, not down.

2. Does the story have worthy themes?

3. Are the characters rebellious, or are they working for the betterment of others or to overcome difficult obstacles? Do they present virtuous qualities? Are they striving toward what is good true and beautiful, or is rebellion and vice celebrated in the book?

4. Is there any romance? Is the romance appropriate according to my Christian worldview and the age of my child?

5. Is the violence tolerable? I like to get a sense of the violence to determine whether I think this child will be ok with it.


THE RUINS OF GORLAN (The Ranger’s Apprentice, Book 1) by John Flanagan

March 27, 2018

The story is about 15 year-old Will who is a rangers apprentice but wants to live up to a father he knows nothing about, all he has is a note that says “His mother died in childbirth.  His father died a hero. Please care for him. His name is Will.” as a ranger apprentice he gets lots of training on how to use two throwing knives, how to shoot a bow and how to ride a horse. then Will, Halt, and Gilan go on a quest to find the den of the Kalkala, a beast, who can freeze you with its eyes and if held long enough can kill you. after the battle he has to make a decision. as an 11 year-old I love this book. It is an exciting adventure story and the characters have a good friendship.

As a parent you should know: Horace gets bullied while at battle school and the bullies call him “baby.” It is violent, people and animals do die. there is no sexual immorality. they say damn once or twice. Will gets kissed by Alyss in the chapter between the battle and the decision.

Written by A-Age-11