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Bellatique Wigs vs Crimped Wigs

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Bellatique Wigs – How To

Dear Reader, I’m back with another Article. If you want to see how I start this deep wave rig stay tuned so guys this wig is available below. You can also find this wig at your local beauty supply store. It’s a 22 inch deep wave wig. I also have three cats and two aunts control bottles so yeah I’m in love with this company so yeah it was pre plucked already but the knots weren’t bleached and it came with combs. I really like the plucking even idea at my own extra plucking on the side it wasn’t a lot of party space. But in the middle it was like a three by six or a six by three front. You want the consistency of this to be a little bit thicker than what I’m doing but this did work but you want it to be thicker so it doesn’t seep through the lace and bleach your hair.

Thankfully it did not please mine but yeah this is how I believe or not if you want a full in-depth tutorial look it up on YouTube cuz there’s a million more on how to whole wig application process.Then I added some foam and I started to pluck a little bit more and I didn’t do a heavy plucking because like I said the wig came pre-plucked I just didn’t like how uniformed the hairline was. This is the side that I didn’t plug in my other side that I just plug can you tell the difference and right here I’m taking cotton balls and alcohol and wiping the makeup and gel on my forehead. This braid down is not old I just don’t know what has happened with my hair like I got heat damaged and my hair be straight so I’m keeping this bright down as always and let my hair nap up again.

I put the cap on and I’m gonna to use the free spray and spray around my natural hairline and right here I’m cutting my ears out so the size of the cap can lay down I got this idea from glamazon say but yeah cut your ears out always so it can be flat on the sides so I blow dried it on cold and you want to wait until the cap stiffens up and it’s completely dry to start cutting and I also added my foundation shade to my lace to tint it so I started cutting with my shears and then I ended up using my eyebrow razors.

So if your cap starts to lift up on the side all you have to do is spray down some freeze spray press down and hold it and use your hairdryer and I did that over the whole perimeter of the cap and then I added foundation to my cap and I placed my way so before putting any glue down I did wipe my forehead with alcohol again to remove any residue but I’m using the ghost ball and latex glue today and I’m gonna I usually work in sections but today I didn’t and I’m just placing the glue around the perimeter of my forehead and then I’m going to smooth it out with the back of my edge control brush.

I usually use popsicle sticks as well but I ran out and smoothing it will make it a flatter like look when it’s time to layer lace down you won’t have any lumps when you smooth it out you don’t want to place your legs down until the glue is dry which is when the glue was turned clear if it’s white it’s not dry but I did this process about three times just for extra security and I blow dried it on cool of course so now it’s time to lay my lace down so I’m just gonna pull it all the way up we’re supposed to be place it down and I’m gonna use my comb to apply pressure on it to make sure like the lace is sticking to the glue just by combing the hair and pressing down at the same time and then I’m gonna take my sock I used I like to use this soft it’s like a nylon sock to tie down my lace but I’m gonna use that.

I’m gonna let my legs sit for like 30 minutes and this sock is the same as using elastic band or those little black strips of paper or even a scarf I just feel more secure when I use this sock I don’t know what made me try it but ever since I tried I never went back so now it’s finally time to cut the lace off my hair and I’m gonna work in sections so I want to cut three sections and then to get a closer cut to my perimeter I’m gonna use my eyebrow razors so now I’m pulling out a few pieces here to do my baby Ayers and I’m going to tie my sock around it again to lay that flat.

I probably let the sock down for like 15 minutes just to make sure that everything was flat and secure so with designing your baby ears is just up to whatever you like this is my style this is how I like to do mine when I have a deep wave or deep curly week.

Crimped Wig or Crimp Your Wig

Wig styling trick: wig crimping!

This technique has been popping up all over the place recently because of the amazing volume and durability it gives to its wigs as well as being much easier to learn than the normal teasing and hairspray method

For this tutorial i’m going to use the DSHOW 4 in 1 Hair Crimper from gentian impact. We’re going to start at the bottom and pin up any extra hair so you can work your way up in small sections the crimper i’m using is the d show four in one with the smallest attachment and i’ll post the link in the description below you’re going to start as close to the base of the wig as you can firmly clamping the crimper in place for three to four seconds at a high heat setting.

Make sure you’ve checked beforehand that you’re using a heat resistant wig once you’ve reached the bottom of the section use a bristle brush to brush out the strand and repeat two to three times the goal is to give the hair lots of volume while trying to make the crimp marks as unnoticeable as possible here you can see the results after three rounds of crimping and it’s already super fluffy.

Now you’re just going to go through and do the entire wig the one downside to this method is that any sections you’ve neglected to go over multiple times will have little crimp waves show up easily especially in photos and videos even after going over four to five times there will still be areas that don’t smooth down completely so now you’ve got a really fluffy wig to work with and as you can see you can already easily start to spike it without any hairspray or other products to get these sections to stay into place we’re going to do some more brushing some trimming.

Then just a light layer of hairspray using the hairdryer to mold it into the shape you want i found that if you have a lot of pesky flyaways you can use a flat iron to help control them as well as giving the sections a firmer shape and helping to reduce the visibility of the crimping marks a final step to keep all the spikes in place and give them a sharp point is to use a clear drying fabric glue on the tips fabric glue can be easily washed out with water and provides a much firmer hold than styling gel and there you go wake complete this was my first attempt at the method so i’m just here to pass on what i learned as you can see there are a few sections that i’ll want to go over again and smooth out so i promise the current marks aren’t as noticeable in person after wearing this wig for a few hours.

wax stick for wigs

Okay so you surely need a wax stick every single time you style a wig.

I have and one of the first things I always do to get my part really nice okay the only way to give that really natural sleek look. I’m gonna take this wax did and going to just rub it down along the party area where that hair is now I’m gonna take my hot comb again this gives it that really really nice sleek look if you’re interested in a wax stick I am currently out of stock but check out the website put the link down below and they might be backing down but they still out superfast you have straight hair I do recommend having a light stick alright so I’m trying to when I tell you it gives it put all those little hairs in place okay not one strand will be out of place so look at that already it gives just a little shine it doesn’t make it hard or white it literally just smooths all those strands in place.

Then I put a heck of my wax it throughout my whole head just the part so your wax that can last you a very long time and this is how sleep okay so from this step when it comes to my styling after I get my parting really nice he’s using our sleep lexi now go right into styling but yeah this is just a quick review on the wax stick do you think you need one so now after seeing how the wax stick looks and what a difference it makes do you think you need a wax stick if you do then please make sure you check out my website at our Styles by T calm and get your wax thing you just push the little bottom up and the wax is exposed and that’s it is a very simple very easy keep it in a room temperature place not anywhere too hot because it is wax and it does the job not hard on crunchy and nice install. Enjoy !

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